Monday, May 25, 2009

Birthing From Within® Childbirth Preparation Classes

6 Birthing From Within childbirth preparation classes based on the book, Birthing From Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation by Pam England CNM, MA & Rob Horowitz, PhD.

Class schedule - see Resources on left
You may purchase the book at class for $20.00.

Topics from the book will be covered in six practical, inspiring, experiential classes integrating mind, body and heart:

  • Birth as a rite of passage
  • How to “lose it “in labor
  • Pitfalls of labor coaching and birth plan
  • Benefit from the latest research
  • Pain-coping practices that work
  • How to ask questions and make decisions
  • How to push baby out and avoid tearing or episiotomy
  • Value of a doula
  • Welcoming your baby
  • The art of breastfeeding

Why is Birthing From Within different from other childbirth classes?

Because we acknowledge that:

~ Childbirth is a profound rite of passage, not a medical event (even when medical care is part of the birth).

~ The essence of childbirth preparation is self-discovery, not assimilating obstetric information.

~ The teacher (mentor) is "midwife" to the parents' discovery process, not the expert from whom wisdom flows.

~ Childbirth preparation is a continually evolving process (for parents and teachers), not a static structure of techniques and knowledge.

~ Parents' individual needs and differences determine class content.

~ Active, creative self-expression is critical to childbirth preparation.

~ The purpose of childbirth preparation is to prepare mothers to give birth-in-awareness, not to achieve a specific birth outcome.

~ Pregnancy and birth outcome are influenced by a variety of factors, and can't be controlled by planning.

~ In order to help parents mobilize their coping resources, it is critical for childbirth classes to acknowledge that unexpected, unwelcome events may happen during labor.

~ Parents deserve support for any birth option which might be right for them, whether it be drugs, cesarean, hospital, birth center or home birth.

~ Pain is an inevitable part of childbirth, yet much can be done to ease suffering through learning effective pain-coping skills.

~ Pain-coping practices work best when integrated into daily life, rather than "dusted off" for labor.

~ Fathers and birth companions help best as birth guardians or loving partners, not as coaches; they also need support.

~ For parents, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is a time of continuous learning and adjustment; holistic support and education should be available throughout that period.

~ Childbirth preparation is also parent preparation.

You can experience a mindful, spiritual birth in any setting. Birthing – in – awareness can be a transformative, spiritual experience. Learn meditative practices to quiet and calm the mind and body during birth and parenting.

The profound mystery and spirituality of birth can never be understood with the mind; they are known through the heart. It is this knowing from the heart which is critical for women in preparing for their rite of passage. BIRTHING FROM WITHIN's multi-sensory approach has evolved to help women and their partners make that journey in awareness, and with heightened confidence.

I have had the pleasure of mentoring Birthing From Within® students in south Florida since 2001. I am interested in empowering you to discover and tap into your strengths and skills to birth-in-awareness no matter where, how or with whom you choose to give birth.

I have given birth in the hospital and at home, nursed my children, practiced as a midwife, doula and breastfeeding support counselor as well as preparing women and their families for birth for many years. I would be delighted to accept referrals for this exciting series of classes. To insure quality, class size is limited.

6 week Series
12 Hours of Class Time

All Classes held in south Miami

Linda Wilson,
Certified Birthing From Within Mentor